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About Tryon Construction

There is something to be said for the Mantel that decorates our fireplaces. In so many ways this creation is a reflection of who we are. It shows the outside world who we are , what our values are but most importantly we use the Mantel for our treasured gifts, like our first photo of our son or daughter or even a music box that plays a song that reminds us of our first kiss. I like to think of it as a biography of the home. As a builder for 36 years I have relished the hands on craftsmanship of making these masterpieces . In my line of work I am not limited, I also design and install millwork, make bookcases, entertainment cabinets and much more custom touches for your home. As an artist of Construction I want to enrich your surroundings to make your memories stay alive everyday so join us in the adventure of your future!

Tryon Construction beautifully detailed mantle

Tryon Construction builds beautifully detailed custom mantles

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